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Music Maker – Sound Engineer – Dj

It was the year 1996, when Damaged Man has started buying vinyl and mix them to entertain his friends. Immediately he got to play in several Disco-Bar in his small town San Benedetto del Tronto – Italy, becoming, from 2000 to 2006, the resident dj at Geko Club.His musical background was basically rock and dark, from 2000 to 2005, he was also running a Live Music Association, called “Live and let live”, organizing concerts of international artists like The Doors (I have known personally, Robby Krieger and John Densmore, I took them with me in my car for trips from the hotel to the stage) Afrika Bambaataa, Inti Illimani, Buddy Miles, The Wailers, 99 Posse, Afrika Unite, Reggae National Ticket. In the year 2005 the Association has won the regional Best Promoter Award URPIG.Damaged Man’s musical taste turned into the New Wave/Rock scene with bands like Bauhaus, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Echo & the Bunnymen, Killing Joke, The Cure, that influenced the way he produces his music, the breakthrough came in 2008 when he got into the digital music productions. He kept playing as a dj (Italy/Greece), Deep and Soulful House but lately he has been more inspired from the Techno scene. In the meantime his productions were having a main role in his activities.
He is collaborating with SpacealOrbeats (Athens), Timeless-Excursion Records (Hamburg), Triskel-Tech/AzTech Records (Belgium), Jambalay Records/CBJ (Italy), JJ-Records and since 2012 with MothLab Recordings,Italy and 2014 with Phunk Junk Records (Chicago) Night Vision(Holland),Bunk3 r R3cords(Germany)
Location: Italy


Basic Ep (Timeless Excursion Records)2010
Melancholy (Timeless Excursion Records)2010
Lost on silicon beach (Triskel-Tech Recordings)2011
Smoked Ep (JJ-Records)2011
From the Deep Ep (Jambalay Records)2011
Interference (CBJ)2011
I Need Love (Triskel Tech/AzTech Music)2011
The Telegraphist - Poltergeist(Jambalay Records)2012
The Telegraphist - Poltergeist The Remixes(Jambalay Records)2012
Orange Drones (MothLab Recordings)2012
Hemerald (Mothlab Recordings)2012
Hip-O (Mothlab Recordings)2012
Los Locos (Quokka Records) 2013
U-Boat (Mothlab Recordings) 2013
Subway (Jambalay Records)2013
Intersections Ep (Spaceal Orbeat Records) 2013
Awakenings (Phunk Junk Records) 2014
The Telegraphist - C-Beams (Bunk3r Records)


Dj Filo - Locomotive (Damaged Man Acidized Remix)Jambalay Records 2011
DJ Pietro Ruocco - H20 (Damaged Man Ice Rmx) Jambalay Records 2011
DJ Pietro Ruocco - Metamorfismo (Damaged Man Metamorphic Rmx) Jambalay Records 2011
Electronic Beach - RAINMOVE (Damaged Man Black Acid Remix) Jambalay Records 2011
Mike Anderson - Jambalay Family (Damaged Man Acid Celebration Mix) Jambalay Records 2011
Mike & Rob - Understand Me (Damaged Man Confused Remix) Jambalay Records 2011
Mike Anderson & A.sihe - Me Ah Co'ordinator (Damaged Man Dark Cathedral Mix) Jambalay Records 2011
Alica & Mike Anderson - We Can See the Sun (Damaged Man Deep Mix) Jambalay Records 2011
Mike & Rob - Ah Mamatah (Damaged Man Pissed Mix) Jamabalay Records 2012
Mike & Rob - WHY 2012 (Damaged Man Hungry Mix) Jambalay Records 2012
Luca Bernabei - Miss Hankey (Damaged Man Obscure Mix) Mothlab Recordings 2012
Pierdavide Lagana' . Gin Fizz Waves (Damaged Man Hypno Mix) Jambalay Records 2012
Agrande - Tunguska (Damaged Man Growth Remix) Spaceal Orbeats 2012
Dj Pietro Ruocco - No Control (Damaged Man Consciousness Mix)Jambalay Records 2012
Musica Senza Amore (Damaged Man Technoid Remix) Jambalay Records 2013
Thank You (Damaged Man Sheltered Mix) Onnes Project Records Japan 2014
The Holder - Dust to Dust (The Telegraphist End of Transmission Mix) CBJ Records 2014
Tryybo - Into Sax (Damaged Man 7AM Remix) Sound Chronicles Recordz 2014
Lady Vusumzi - Midnight Magic(Damaged Man Land of Confusion Remix) 2014…soon
Miss Nala & Twist3d . Traces of Sound (Damaged Man Remix) Bunk3r R3cords

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